About Liliani Cane Corso

Liliani Cane Corso is family owned and operated.
Situated  on 10 acres, with 3 generations all partaking in the breeding, rearing,  training and upbringing of our Cane Corso, makes for a loving, caring  environment in which our dogs thrive.
Our Cane Corso are identified  by our Family Name and we stand behind it, building a reputation in  Canada and around the world as being an ethical breeder, willing to help  and support the families who purchase a Liliani Cane Corso pup.
We  will not have numerous litters per year. We will only breed to offer  quality healthy pups with great temperaments; all the while (if it is at  all possible) bettering the lines we have chosen.

My own search for the perfect dog.
Raised  beside the Rocky Mountains, by a family of hunters, anglers and  purebred dog owners, our home was always filled with the antics and  banter of raising Champion Brittany Spaniels.
Old enough to acquire  my own breed of choice I was drawn to the strength, stamina, wit,  intelligence, and personality of the black and tan, the Mighty  Rottweiler. Opting not for show but for a pet, companion and friend.  Until the corso entered my world, I had owned only purebred Rotty's. My  last was Kitty, my loyal shadow and heart.

8 years ago, while  searching for a companion to Kitty, I was introduced to the Cane Corso  and the rest, as they say, is history. After an exhaustive search in  Ontario, we were disappointed to find there were not many registered,  healthy Cane Corso lines with available pups. We turned to referrals,  the rest of Canada and the United States for a healthy blood line and a  reputable Corso breeder.
One close call and almost a year later, we  were thrilled to find Gina Bella at a highly recommended Cane Corso  Breeders with whom we have built a life long friendship.

As a  relatively new find to the canine world in the United States and even  more rare in Canada, it can be difficult to find the perfect breeder and  the perfect Corso for you. I cannot stress strongly enough how  important it is not to be blinded by the "I am getting a new pup". Do  your homework!! Search to be sure you will be getting a safe, healthy  pup, with a good bloodline, a good temperament and a history behind it  of quality healthy dogs.
I was fooled the first time - I will never  be fooled again and I will do my best so no one suffers what I have  heard others have gone through.

We are proud to present Liliani Cane Corso. Truly among the best examples of the Cane Corso Breed we have found.